Issue 1

Strategic planning for land use in Iraqi cities city Hit

Dr. Thaer Sh. Mahmood

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 0-0
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124457

The role of strategic planning is particularly important in the development of trends graphic appropriate in the distribution of land uses for the city according to their importance and role in the development of the city. From this standpoint the idea of search to give the application of an analytical about how to adopt him graphical to insert the style of strategic planning and steps concatenated to give the relative importance of the distribution of applications and their role in the city's development in the future. two methods have been used in research assays are the factor analysis for the purpose of diagnosis and urban style quartet analysis SWOT developer + AHP for the purpose of determining the development priorities of the city and graphic orientation. Search concluded the conclusions and recommendations of the group serve the decision-makers and planners note that the study area to a city in Anbar province, Iraq (HIT) as a case study.

Delineation of Prospecting Zones of Groundwater Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS): A case Study of Solani River Basin

Mufid alhadithi

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1-8
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124360

Initial delineation of prospecting zones of groundwater was conducted in the present study
using remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) techniques. It has been preparing
an integrated geographic database of spatial and non-spatial data for the study area. The spatial
data were generated by using image processing software (Erdas 8.3) and GIS software (Arc view
3.3) enhanced by real frequent field visits of the study area. These data include: surface features
which give a direct and indirect indicators of the existence of groundwater and affect to the
groundwater movement such as hydrogeomorphological, drainage density, slope, landuse and
soil maps. The non spatial data were derived primarily from real views during field visits to the
study area and from the existing writing or previous studies. All the data generated were saved in
the GIS databank for the purpose of digitization, computational and generate the best possible
output results to determine the extent of possible areas where the water that exists for the purpose
of prospecting. Results showed that more areas could be have very good categories of prospect
zones are the southern parts of the study area, which covers about 375 Km2 while the northern
areas, which covers about 164 Km2 of the study area are grouped as runoff zone. Accordingly the
possibilities of the presence of groundwater are poor to negligible in this zone. The current study
demonstrated that a remote sensing and GIS technique are very effective tools that can give the
initial predictions on the presence or probability of the presence of ground water in areas which
have the same considered geological deposits for the study area.

Numerical Study Of Turbulent Thermal-Hydraulic Performance Of Al2o3-Water Nanofluid In Channel With Triangular Baffles

Mohammed Abed Ahmed a

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 9-20
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124361

In this paper, turbulent forced convection of nanofluid flow in channel with isoscelestriangular
baffles is numerically investigated over Reynolds number ranges of 5000-10000.
One baffle mounted on the bottom wall of channel and another mounted on the top wall.
Al2O3-water nanofluid with nanoparticles volume fraction of 4% and nanoparticles diameters
of 25 nm is used. The governing continuity, momentum and energy equations as well as the
low Reynolds number k-ε model of Launder and Sharma have been solved using finite
volume method. The effect of baffle height, baffle distance as well as Reynolds number on
the flow and thermal characteristics have been presented and discussed. It is found that the
enhancement ratio of the average Nusselt number as well as the fraction factor increase with
increasing in the baffles height. It is also found that the enhancement ratio of the average
Nusselt number increases as the distance of top baffle decrease. Furthermore, the best
thermal-hydraulic performance of channel with triangular baffles using nanofluid can be
obtained at baffle height of 2.5 mm, distance of the top baffle of 40 mm and Reynolds
number of 5000.

Study of WMAN Physical Layer under Fading Channels

Hatem Fahad Frayyeh

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 21-31
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124362

WMAN (wireless metropolitan area network) technology is based on the IEEE 802.16
air interface standard suite, which provides the wireless technology for fixed and
nomadic data access. WMAN employs orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
(OFDM), and supports adaptive modulation and coding depending on the channel
conditions. The objective of this paper is to study the performance of the IEEE 802.16d
WMAN physical layer under Nakagami model as a Multi-path and frequency-selective
fading channel beside the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and Doppler. Finally,
we compared it with the Rayleigh fading model. The transmission bit rate, Probability
of Error ( ) and estimated SNR have been compared under single/multi path
propagation conditions.

A New Separation, Fractionation and Improving of Abu- Aljeer Asphalt

Tariq Abdul-Jaleel; Juma Waji Salem; Aws Mseer Najres

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 31-41
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124363

The study of springs Abu-Aljeer natural asphalt at proven of al-anbar (Iraq), to
find a mean of exploiting the asphalt springs as alternative energy resource, Included
two stages The first: Separation the components of asphalt in two ways the first is
column chromatography and second represented by extraction- chromatography. The
results of separation were 10.20% Asphltene, 89.18% Maltene which separated lately
to (Paraffinic 45.23%, Aromatic 28. 39% and Resin 21.66%). The second: Trying to
improve the asphalt specifications by using natural materials that are available locally
(limestone) with (5, 15, 25, 35%), which have given good results. Rheological
properties have been tested, in such average that (virgin Softening was 430C, became
560C, Penetration was 110 dropped 39 and viscosity was 11355 turnedy other
47231cent-Stok, mm2Sec), and flash point ( 1790 C became 200 0C), Fractionated
parts of asphalt were characterized by (UV), (FT-IR) spectra. This study also clarified
paraffin compounds which represent the main part material and the colloidal state is in
Gel phase.

Prognostic Reliability Prediction for Repairable System Based on Non- Parametric Model

Kadham Ahmad Abed; Khwala.Lateef .Khalaf

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 42-49
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124364

Estimation of the reliability for repairable system after maintenance actions is usually
based on mathematical models, which can be classified as parametric and non-parametric
models where the parametric model is required a prior specified life time distribution while
Non-parametric model is that relaxes of the assumption of the life time distribution.
Nonparametric life time models are including proportional hazard model and proportional odd
model. In this paper we develop repairable reliability model concentrate on generalized
repairable model that indicate the mixture of proportional hazard model and proportional odd
model. A proportional hazard-proportional odds (PH-PO) model for the purpose of to
improve the repairable reliability to obtain accurate estimates of reliability for repairable
industrial boiler system at normal operating conditions depending on transformation
parameter for reliability prediction for repairable system that represent Beji industrial boiler
in power plant. The results show the odd model better than hazard model for repairable
system after preventive maintenance depends on time to repair where transformation
parameter (c) equal 0.0525094 it is closer to odds model than hazard model.
In addition, reliability industrial boiler in case without temperature effect is better than
reliability with temperature effect by using exponential model where we note that the
reliability at 500 it is worse state where degrade more than (400,450) .

Use White Cement Kiln Dust As A Mineral Filler In Asphalt Mixture

Wasan Mahdi Mahmood

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 50-55
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124454

The white cement Kiln dust (WCKD) is a secondary production from the
cement industry through its production operation. Environmentally, it is considered as
an unwanted waste because it causes air pollution and ground congealment, and it is
needed great efforts and financial support to disposal it. In this study, the WCKD was
used partially instead of limestone as a filler in the asphalt mix, where it was used by
ratios of 0%,25%,50%,75% and 100% from the weight of limestone. An evaluation
of the mechanical characteristics was conducted by carrying out Marshall test and
Indirect Tensile test, and the results showed that the increase in the WCKD percent
reduces the asphalt mix density and increases the percentage of air voids, while the
other characteristics (stability, Marshall Stiffness, flow and Indirect Tensile Strength)
increase when the WCKD ratio is 25% and 50%. These those characteristics start
decreasing when the WCKD ratio was 75% and 100%. The study showed that the
optimum ratio of the WCKD is 50% from the limestone weight, and the WCKD
cannot be used as a filler entirely in asphalt mix, but it can be used partially.

Implications Of Cash Flow Forecasting On Highway Projects In Iraq

Bevian Ismail Al Hadithi

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 56-62
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2016.124456

The cash flow forecasting is beneficial for the project in both the tender stage and during the
project construction progress, where the contractors want to make sure that their planned cash
funds is sufficient to cover any possible financial deficit of the project. This research aims to
find out minimum fund needed for highway projects in Iraq required by the contractor to
maintain the progress of work under some circumstances and effects of the shortage of fund,
particularly in case of payment delay, in addition to the implication of the payment delay.
Data from record files of 9 highway projects in Iraq, of the unit price type contracts. It was
found that the minimum fund required is 20.944 percent of the contract value of three months
delay . The minimum fund required for those projects is directly proportional to the time of
payment delay. The minimum fund required for projects is represented in a linear equation as
a function of payment delay time, such equation would help the contractor to estimate the
future amount of minimum fund required for any delay in months. Interim profit is calculated
for the purpose of comparison with the expected profit for the purpose of exploring the
consequences in case exceedance. Because of the use of unit price contracts in the
implementation of highway projects in Iraq, it did not cause the appearance that the contractor
receives large profit at early stages of the project. The delay in payment leads to negative
results, including the delay in the project, reduces the level of performance of the contractor
which is negatively affects project, reduce the quality of implementation and, increased cost
of the project in case of the contractor to claim compensation for the damage, as well as the
occurrence of a difference in currency and inflation due to the time difference between the
payment date and the actual date.