Keywords : Modulation

Transmitting and Receiving Ultrasound Wave Based on Laser Light

Ahmed H. Mahmood; Jassim M. Najim; Wesam M. Jasim

Anbar Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2020, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 83-87
DOI: 10.37649/aengs.2020.171275

Our project was divided into two distinct sections, circuit transmitting and receiving ultrasoundWave Based on Laser Light. A Wien Bridge and a Triangle Wave Oscillators used to obtain a sineand a triangular wave, respectively. A comparator circuit which produces Pulse Width Modulation(PWM) that has the same frequency for triangle wave. The PWM was used to drive laserdiode that produced laser light through by MOSFET transistor and received this light by receivingcircuit which consists of a photodiode with resistor as a voltage divider, amplifier circuit to amplifythe signal and filter to get any desired frequency. The main objective of this project primarilywas to realize a transmission-reception system to transfer ultrasound Frequency via Laser withouta guiding medium, using modulation with little quality loss.